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Please contact use if you know of rallies, family reunions, camping situations,seminars, conferences, personal requests (weddings, renewals, dedications, etc.)
  • Send e-mail: bookings@alpha3.org
  • Telephone:(530)320-2882
  • Fax: (480) 755-7544
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    1449 N. Woodside Dr.
    Chandler, AZ 85224
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Our Purpose

We "Go out to the roadways and country lanes and make them come in." (Luke 14:23 NIV)

We are following a calling and direction that must be supported by prayers and offerings.

We realize the task is great and the labors are few. Time is of the essence.

We embark on this mission of faith and ask please remember us in your thoughts:

Ours is to share the Goodness of God to all that will listen;

Ours is to minister the Word of God to all that will open their hearts;

Ours is to be open to the Calling of God as he leads and directs our paths;

Ours is to give all the Glory to God in advance of his blessings.

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