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Please contact use if you know of rallies, family reunions, camping situations,seminars, conferences, personal requests (weddings, renewals, dedications, etc.)
  • Send e-mail: bookings@alpha3.org
  • Telephone:(530)320-2882
  • Fax: (480) 755-7544
  • Mail:
    1449 N. Woodside Dr.
    Chandler, AZ 85224
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Open the door to opportunities. Go to church. Listen to God. Listen to your mentors. Listen to yourself

Keep in touch with your loved ones. New experiences in your life is a wonderful influence for those around you.

Examine yourself and your motives before you speak. Also precheck that motorhome before going on the road!

The work is never done. Enjoy your time in your travels and try to prepare ahead.

Life is not a contest. Help those around you reach their goals and oddly enough you become a winner!

Reach out and touch someone. Help those in need. Not everyone knows how to ask for help. Be sensitive to those around you

Resist temptation no matter how cute and adorable it may seem. Self discipline is important in your life.

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Admit One to Heaven! Thanks for listening to us at Alpha Ministries!

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