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Please contact use if you know of rallies, family reunions, camping situations,seminars, conferences, personal requests (weddings, renewals, dedications, etc.)
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Do you need to know more about us and what we have to offer?


Who Are We At Alpha3 Ministries?

We are Larry & CiCi:
A small but mighty force to witness the Goodness of God.
We are called to preach, teach, witness, assist, & counsel
as God directs & to all who will listen.

Who is Larry?

Ordained in 1967 and having served in 3 established churches of varied doctrines;

1966: An intern to a start up Assembly of God church in Marina, CA. Active in canvassing, preaching, and Sunday School teaching.

1967: A Youth & Education pastor in an inter- denominational church in Palo Alto, CA. Conducting youth rallies, camp speaker, preaching, and teaching young adults.

1969: Minister of Youth & Young Adults in an Evangelical church in San Jose, CA. Establishing a summer program for intercity youth with counseling by church young people. Conducting general ministerial duties.

Began a career in communications in 1972 with Litton & Stromberg-Carlson which led to the ownership of a company specializing in telecommunications. For 21 years he was involved in the design, administration, support of communication systems for individuals, major corporations, college districts, school districts, cities & state agencies. The company ceased operations in 1998 and he and his lovely wife, CiCi, declared the desire to fulfill God's calling.

Who is CiCi?

Comes from a background of administration, group activity coordination and travel planning.

1978: Began as a planner and overseer of corporate functions for a major computer manufacture.

1981: Trained and involved herself in travel planning, then proceeded into the airline industry becoming an employee elected representative to interface on behalf of employees to management & vice-versa for a major air carrier.

1992: Assumed the position of top corporate administrator for their telecommunications company.

1999: Currently directing all her energies to the coordination of weddings and planning group activities for family functions.

What are we doing?

We are a Christian ministry outreaching to the RV and camping communities.

We are providing seminars, counseling, unique personal weddings,
vow renewals, and gift ideas.

We are a complete Christian ministry to Glorify God.

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